So as much as I want to have this site for good…

These are not ingredients. These are boxes of chemicals.

I am online a lot, I see a lot of links…and I guess this is why you make a blog, to talk shit about other people’s blogs(?), especially when they go against everything I’m making this site about.

There are so many deplorable examples of total crap and chemicals masquerading around as food. If I were a good blogger, I’d take this “recipe” and re-create it in a somewhat more manageable form, likely only using the food coloring and show you step by step instructions. Cakes are not difficult to make. What’s in that Betty Crocker “super moist” box, is not an intimidating group of ingredients that you can’t pull together with 5 more minutes (oh wait, it is, because there’s emulsifiers and preservatives and chemicals you’d NEVER USE if you made the cake yourself). I’m not sure cakes should ever be this combination of colors, but it sure is fun. And while I see what they’re trying to do there with the fat-free pudding, whipped topping and the sugar-free soda; that’s a whole lot of carcinogens for one cake. Why not use some Vintage Lemon Lime seltzer, and a little bit more cream, some vanilla beans, with some agave? This could work.

This does well kind of make me want to make a rainbow brite cake. And the suggestion of using it as a “Coming out to your conservative parents on your mother’s birthday” is a way better suggestion than feeding it to children. The lesson here, while baking is chemistry, you really shouldn’t be using chemicals that you can’t pronounce to make a cake. And if you’re on a diet, this cake STILL isn’t good for you.

/end rant


See the attached recipe to the real Rainbow Cake here. A friend brought these to a party and outside of making some smarter flour and sugar choices…the only unnatural thing in here is the food coloring. BONUS!

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